Friday, January 8, 2010


Yesterday was hair removal day in many places and I don't mean in an international kind of way.

This morning I was examining Jessica's (I think that's her name. I really have to learn the names of those I'm on intimate terms with) handiwork and noticed (this has nothing to do with Jessica-if-that's-her-name cause she was confined to below nose and well below nose territory) that my left eyebrow and my hairline on my left forehead (I don't know if you can divide forehead areas really) are kinda merging. Like the opposite of a receding hairline, maybe a seeding hairline??

I really want to get in there and pluck away but convention stops me. Who made the rule about not plucking the top of your eyebrows? I bet they are dead and gone from this earth and the rule just hangs there in a useless, hair merging kind of way.

Stranger still I'm not good with rules and yet this one I'm feel compelled to comply with. Please help convince me otherwise! I don't want to be like that wolf man in China! Help!!

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