Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Sunday and I feel like I should be writing something inspirational being a Sunday and all.

But I'm sick with a virus that's been going around and even though I lay in bed reading a Sheri L. Dew book feeling my aching, wood staking back and felt inspired by Sister Dew's words about integrity, I'm not feeling that kind of inspired. Ah maybe it's having a spot of winter as well as feel sickly (have to say sickly cause I don't have mucus and so it's like I have all the symptoms but never actually get oozingly ill, so it's not really ill). It's cold enough to use some of that wood we stacked yesterday.

So I thought what about inspiring you to start your own blog.

I started blogging because I wanted to create come discipline in writing and I wanted to express myself. I'm not a writer but I want to be one. It's one of those action begets motivation things.
I'm not brave enough (or disciplined enough) to write serious articles and I often find myself reading columns in newspapers and magazines thinking I could write better than that. So here I am writing a bit each day.
Sometimes I write a whole heap but don't post it (I had this huge post about Haiti but I came off way too cynical and Haiti really breaks my heart for some many reasons) because I realise that even though I write for myself someone else is reading it and I don't want to bore you.

I think blogs are about each of us writing about what interests us, well more than that. It's a way of learning to appreciate your own life and all the truly great things that happen every single day.
So with that in mind that a look at these guys, the compliment guys and it's something we all can do. Look for the good in other and compliment them on it whether it's a nice blouse or hat or something they do. And then chuckle at people's surprise.
Go forth and compliment and make yours and someone else's day!

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  1. A really nice post to read on a Monday morning. I too need more discipline in my life, not only where writing my blog is concerned, but to become less of a procrastinator and more of a do-er. It was cold yesterday, wasn't it? Come back Summer! Have a good week.