Monday, January 11, 2010

the super, fast weekend continues...

After sleeping on a surprisingly comfortable stretcher bed, it was time for Church.

Jolly Hockeysticks is in Wellington Ward which meets at the Chapel in Hataitai. We caught the bus - this was quite exciting cause there are no buses where I live. If you don't have a car or can't get a ride you are going nowhere.

The weather was starting to close in but the rain waited until 4pm to kick in but the wind, oh my gosh the wind! During Church if anyone had been watching me they would have instantly known I was not a local as I peered out the window when ever a huge gust hit the chapel.

Even though I looked up the street I totally did not see the tunnel. It was a little bit of a surprise to drive into the mountain - I'm such a yokel!

Buses have got quite flash since I last rode on one, or fell off one for that matter,

I didn't take photos at Church cause that always seems a bit off but I do have to say Wellington Ward is the best ward I've been to (and I have been to a few).

Things I enjoyed about Wellington Ward were;
  • The Bishop was impressively engaged during the Sacrament programme. He sang his ever lovin' heart out.
  • The singing in the ward was a huge improvement on the usual slack funeral dirge effort. They rocked it, as much as you can in a sober and conservative manner.
  • The Relief Society Presidency fell over themselves to be welcoming.
  • The YSA (not that I'm eligible for them) were lovely and helpful, and
  • Aure was there! I haven't seen her for an age (hi Aure, good to see you, you make the cutest babies!) - it's funny how after living in the 'tron where ever you go there will be Mormon link back.

After we left church we packed up all my shopping and walked down to Te Papa - that's it with the greeny-blue tower thing (that's an architectural term)

to see the Pompeii Exhibit.

Where they had the body casts that I've seen for years and years as a student of classics and before that in this really cool comic book about the last day of Pompeii I had when I was about seven. Mags clearly never worried about child friendly warnings like they do at Te Papa.

As we came to the body casts there were warnings for Africa (that is a dumb saying don't you think?I blame Petra Baghurst for that one). I must say that the casts weren't disturbing other than to inspire a real appreciation of how about 2000 people died (most of the 12000 inhabitants left safely). Like this guy who pulled his cloak over his mouth as he crouched in a doorway and the ash piled up and over him... and that he is life size, since he was a real person... its more impressive face on...

and the giant squid.

It's really hard to take photos of the giant squid. The silly thing is lying down and not at all amenable to photo taking. It's gross.

I liked this little bit of kiwi detail at Te Papa - a prize for anyone who can tell where this is situated (not you though Jolly!)

Across from Te Papa is the Museum Hotel which has the best ever loos, so make a point of using them just for a luxurious experience - you should stay there too. I have and it was a perfect hotel experience and the owner is a very kind man who really helped me out once. And yes it did involve free accommodation but not for me.

Then it was time to leave and for my one of my favourite things and that is going to the airport and sniffing jet fuel! Yay jet fuel!

You gotta get your kicks from where you can when you're clean living.

The airbridge was not quite attached to the plane so intoxicating fumes were wafting up just for me, I'm sure. I think being a plane fueler maybe my dream job.

The flight was a little bit lumpy to quote the air steward, so no snacks for us but it's only 30 minutes and let's face since the flight was delayed by 25 minutes most of the passengers would gone and had nasty airport hot chips, or that might just have been me.

Bye Wellington! Thanks Jolly Hockeysticks for hanging out with me. I really enjoyed talking and talking with you. You are looking great and I can't wait to see you again!

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  1. While I won't tell anyone where you took the pic of that photo, a hint for everyone is that you can see her feet!! - Think about it