Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things I'm looking forward to changing when I change jobs

The countdown has begun - 5 working days until I leave Lincoln Uni for my new job. I never intended on leaving LU, it just happened that an ideal job came up and was an opportunity was too good to miss but there are a few things, superficial things I'm looking forward to when I change jobs...

  1. being able to remember where I parked my car. I find that working at a University and having to park in the student parking (very egalitarian) means I don't get to park in the same place and everyday at about 4pm I have a little brain fart where I think "now where the sam hill did I park today?"

  2. driving a long way to work. Currently I drive about 15-20 minutes to work which is only three songs and not long enough to get in the work groove or fully out of it. As of the 25th it will take me 40 minutes to get to work - that's lots of songs!

  3. not having vending machines nearby - man those things are killing me!

  4. not having an office by the men's loos - although that has proved handy when giving directions to fullas.

  5. having a microwave in the same building as my office. I try to bring leftovers everyday and sometimes the walk effectively from my building, through another and finally down the stairs and into a third building to heat my lunch in a foyer (of all places!) is rather extreme. Having said that offsets the effects of item 3.

  6. not having to hear the crazy, random self starting hand dryer in the men's loos that goes in short bursts all by itself like it has hiccups. Rather annoying. (Super Heather, bless her has fixed this by turning it off at the wall - did I tell you sometimes my thought processes are very limited).

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