Thursday, January 21, 2010

You know places like McDonalds (or is it MacDonalds) are the ideal place for a story of bizarreness. Be it humiliation or ordinary strangeness, we all have stories of craziness and fast food.

Mine is just surreal, really. Back in the day when I lived in California (sounds way cooler than it was) I had the world's most hideous Volvo (one of the reasons is was not as cool as it sounds). Volvo are one vehicle that is not what it is cracked up to be. It wouldn't start in the heat and would start in the cold and usually wouldn't start at the mall but you never knew when. Would make me so furious.

It was Sunday and my mate Lies and I had spent the day somewhere and were heading home stopping at McDonalds for a bit of tea. Yay drive thru (or is it drive through) when at the order speaker the car started to sound not too good. I said to the kid taking my order to hurry up cause the car was not going to make it much further (this was before cell phones and I knew if I got going we'd make it home) but he didn't and sure enough the Volvo putted out at the payment window. Now Volvos are solid cars so the nice kids at McDonalds came out and started pushing the car and me through (or is that thru) the drive thru lane.

This is the surreal bit. They stopped pushing so I glided to a stop at the pick up window, I got our food and then they started pushing again! That was no mean feat getting such a solid and heavy vehicle going again and I rolled to a stop in a park not far from the drive thru lane.

I have no memory of how we called home to get help but we did and by that stage we were laughing ourselves silly over the whole stopping to get the food. I suppose it made sense to the kids to stop rather than us coming in or them bringing it out.

What's your strange fast food experience?

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