Thursday, February 25, 2010

A discovery has been had

So when you blog, even though you do it for people you know and to practice some discipline in writing (Virginia Wolfe is right about a room of your own) it is also really cool when people you don't know comment or become your blog follower.

It validates what I'm doing here, which I hope is amusing you.

But I found a wee secret to getting more blog traffic.... because I am a generous person I'll share it with you...

Comment on Pioneer Woman's blog within a the first 50 comments and you get loads of visitors.

Until today Oti has pretty much been every dot in the USA on my world map (in the right column there) but the place dots went of the map (pun intended).

I love PW, I read her every morning over my omelette or steak (sod ricies and cornies). I have got to work late because of PW (I don't actually have a start time so it's relative). I love her photos, her posts, her instuctive recipes (remember ice cream pies - PWs), she funny and quirky - she makes my breakfast so much better. Her blog is my happy place.

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