Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stef's husband is still right...

Ok so I was not just in Palmy and Fielding.
I also visited Taratahi and drove and drove and drove some more.
Timing and me aren't totally in sync all the time so ran little late,
I blame the logging trucks.
Plus I od'd on candy floss, I love candy floss about once a year and that was this year's portion and boy did my heart race with all the sugar in my system.
Might also have been the banana chocolate ice cream, but in my defense, it was hot!
Heading back to Palmerston we stopped at friends of Brooklets and this is their view

At first I thought how flipping ugly are turbines?
but I think they are kinda of cool sitting up on the range slowly and not so slowly rotating making power for everyone to use.

Bet they have pukekos up there too.

Once back in Palmerston North, thankfully Brooklet is familiar with the streets because seriously Palmy is the only city I have ever been lost in. I have a seriously good sense of direction but Palmy and Southland are the two places I can not find my way around.

Man! Rome is easy compared to those two.

We went to dinner with Shaun and Ruth, ... ok trying to think of a suitable word to describe friendly, entertaining, enjoyable Young Farmers that doesn't make me sound like their mum... anyway the photo above is of Shaun having a wee lie down and Ben being ever vigilant.
Ruth the smart girl made sure she was somewhere else when the camera came out on Saturday.

But I do have to share this little Shaun story, actually two stories,
Shaun I suspect is one of those people who there is always lots of interesting stories about.
First one is not for the sensitive or faint of heart.

Over an amusing dinner we were chatting and talking about Regional Final questions.
Back in the office, Lucky has been organising true/false questions for the audience
(the Regionals will be filmed for TV this year and screened on TV6, I expect that you all will now rush out and get Freeview so you can watch them)
and one that is not included was this wee gem....

A Mini fits in a blue whale's vagina? True or false

it's true, of course,
wouldn't be a funny story if it wasn't.

Poor Shaun was in that bloke situation where he wasn't embarrassed as much as mortified that girls talk about things like this. Good thing he wasn't in the office when we tried to figure how someone would figure that out - we decided it would have been one of those boring maths equations.

So after much laughter at his expense I dared him to introduce that particular true/false question and make Brooklet and me laugh during the Club Training course the next day, Saturday.
Boy did he try.

To egg him on I had found a newspaper ad that morning about Mini's having more headroom haha ... but look at this ad I found...

I mean, seriously????
Finally at the end of the day when I asked if anyone questions, Shaun asked the question as if it were a normal thing and I did respond without blinking an eyelash and confirmed for everyone that it was true.
And then realised I hadn't spoken about Young Country and said, to gales of laughter,
"Oh I know what will fit in here!"
going to get the magazine to talk about it.
He wins.
Second story is entitled
"This is how we roll in Palmy"
Shaun's slogan for the upcoming National Conference
After dinner, heading back to the hotel in the NZYF sign painted rollerskate of a teeny, tiny car
(bigger than a Mini though)
we cruised the Square, once around, blasting Toby Keith's "Country comes to Town"
a highly relevant song to the situation.
We got pulled over to breathalysed, naturally a pass as I was driving
How cool were we?
But that's how they roll in Palmy
that should also give you an idea of the limited options for entertainment in Palmy
Stef's husband is right

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