Tuesday, November 22, 2011

As a Mormon

we, the collective we are encouraged
to keep a record of our lives,
a journal of us.

But I've found when I do that it's so angsty and narcissistic.
Cringingly so.
Oh and whiney too.
And it doesn't seem to matter what I wrote
it's very "the world according to Sarajane,
good, religious Mormon woman."
Like the TV programme with Glenn Close
Sarah: Plain and Tall*.
I'm not particularly either of those,
may have something to do with having no 'h' on Sara
cause I do know a Sarah: Plain and Tall.
Good woman she is too.

Anyway journal keeping just isn't my cup of herbal tea
and I've been beating myself up a little about it.
Man, it's important to leave a record for my posterity
except that I don't have any nor am likely too.
Closest I might get is Pippapotamus having a coco baby.

But shut the front door!
I do have a journal.
I have a journal that is much more my comfort zone.
It's here, you are reading my journal right now.
Somehow you reading my words
makes it so much safer and makes me write better**,
well about normal subjects anyway.
Is farmy stuff normal?
That sheep organ post was interesting I think.

I do censor the topics I write about.
For instance there are a few people I would have liked to blog about.
People like workmates or Young Farmers or
romantic interests and interludes
(keep in mind I'm Mormon so they are tame,
the interludes not the romantic interests).
I have thought about starting an anonymous blog
but suspect it would become like my journal.
I'm a pretty positive person so there aren't too many people
I don't like and I think if I really did not like someone
I would go to town on them here if I felt like it
even if it mucked up my feel good vibe
(there is a feel good vibe here, right?)
It would be funny as.

* Actually it's not like that at all  - I've never even watched that programme or movie so what do I know?  Oh I do know that if you google Rural Business Network my blog comes up.  Probably cause I did the website splash page and got it started.
** better does not necessarily mean spelling or grammar.

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