Tuesday, December 13, 2011

in the kitchen

I am standing right now in my kitchen

blogging while I make fish pie
from a Health Guide recipe I found in the Internet.
This is so not like me.
Blogging while standing or following a recipe.
Such a departure from the norm.

Also a departure from the norm
was going along to a recommended meeting
for Women on Boards.

Its a new group
(not sure how new)
that is all about increasing the number of women on
corporate boards.
Bet you figured that out already,
you smart cookie, you.

I really liked the women I met.
Strong, capable, smart women
who hold positions of leadership in their sector of their industry.
I had met Kristen previously on Nicky Wagner's campaign
(she won Christchurch Central by 45 votes - phew!)
and conveniently she was late too
so sat next to me.
The wee meeting had Morten Huse
as a speaker.
He of worldwide MBA course fame.
He has researched how women on board affect business
after Norway made it compulsory to have 40% of any board female.
Apparently business is better when
you have women on the board.
Women are fiscally conservative,
ask the hard questions
and are happy to put their necks out.
this only happens effectively when
there is critical mass of three or more women.
There probably are a few other criteria but one is enough.

I enjoyed talking with women who are serious
about good governance.

Meanwhile, fish pie is going ok.
Am not too good at getting ingredients in the correct order
but its a thick gooey mess just as it should be.
Fresh flounder from the lake,
tinned salmon from Alaska.
There's a connection somewhere there.

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  1. Hi Sara, I saw this post and found it very interesting. Do you know Morten Huse? Is he LDS?