Monday, December 19, 2011

It's been a Mormon weekend

Yup, it's been busy.
First there was a baby shower.
Beautiful mother with a month to go.
I don't really know her but she is a sweet young woman.
I don't really see the point of baby showers
other than a gathering to celebrate the mother.
And this one was like that but not quite,
it was just a bit random.
A clash of cultures maybe?
The mother is Samoan as were the organisers.
Maybe they don't realise the purpose of the shower??

Then on Sunday I took Mem over to visit with her cousins
who I happen to visit teach.

I really like this sister out of the Gospel.
Cass is a good, smart woman who
has a huge heart and cares very much about many things.
Her husband is really interesting.
He works for the prison service and oversees
a new rehabilitation programme designed to ID the prisoners
needs from the day they arrive in the prison.
Then try to remedy the issues such as
literacy and numeracy skills.
Simple things really but they make all the difference.

We visited in the morning
catching up with Mem's granduncle Turei
before going to Church for the afternoon
(morning session next year!).
Before going back to have dinner
with Cass, Mark, son Ethan and Uncle Turei
plus cousin Ricky and his three kids plus two others.

Always makes me laugh with a pondering of quzzledess
when forward people like Cass ask if I'm look for husband.
I'm fine with the question.
And fine to answer
that I am.
(I should really add that I hate looking for things
and if I were Catholic,my patron saint would be Anthony
both for losing things and being a lost cause)
But then she said that her brother
the afore mentioned Ricky needed a good woman.

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