Thursday, March 8, 2012

atrophied eggs

In my kindness,
I gave a ride to Sister Nation
over to our Bishop's place
to pick up her car.

Sister Nation is a senior Missionette
who is based in Christchurch
working at National Achieves
photographing old records for family history.

She does this 5 days a week
 all day, unpaid.
Actually she pays for the priviledge.

She also does lots of wonderful, helpful things.
Lots of lovely kind acts of service
such as helping out before Church
at our Bishop's house
while the mother of the house, Mel
is recovering from a torn calf muscle
she collected whilst playing netball.
Bad, bad netball.

So on Sunday I took Sister Nation to get her car
and we chatted.

I'm pretty relaxed and it's very hard to offend me.
(bad manners offend me that's about it,
I am my mother's daughter).

Sister Nation did the usual things
lovely Church members do,
quiz me about my single status.
It's par for the course, it's fine.

I look very much younger than I am
so when I told her how old I am,
she blurted out...
"Your eggs have atrophied!"

That's awesome.
I loved that she said that.
That's fresh.
Cracked me up.
Still does.
My egg have atrophied.
I like it.

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