Thursday, March 15, 2012

I came home

early today feeling a bit sicky again.

But happy day!
The burned out house next door has being pulled down.
Down to the ground.

Though that photo looks weird,
the sky and the house are too similar a colour I think.

Mags reckon the rats and mice holding hands as
they were fleeing the house towards ours.

She has active imagination.

I suggested she call the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

This was Oscar the dwarfs house that he and his brothers lived in
as they grew older,
They build it, it was their home, now it's rubble.
They died a while ago but many people my age remember
how Oscar used to sit at his gate,
which is my gate now,
and jump out and shout at the passing kids.
Sneaky dwarfs must scare the pants off kids.
Oscar was not popular.

The last residents moved on after the fire in December.
Some are still in town and they stopped by to see what had happened.
I feel sorry for them, they lost all their possessions and had no insurance.

But man am I happy they have moved on.
Noisy little beggars.

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