Monday, March 5, 2012

To and fro from Church

I listen to National Radio.
Yes, I'm a geek.

But in my defense,
I listen to National Radio in particular
because commerical radio
depresses me with it's marginal blather
and dodgy song lyrics.
I mean that's ok the rest of the week
but on Sunday morning, driving to Church
it's not cool, or interesting.

So I listen to National Radio
and on Sunday morning is one of my favourite shows

Mediawatch is where the commentator
critiques the news coverage of the week.
It's like vindication for all the poor, uninquisitive reporting
that goes on all the time.

Love it.

The other end of Church
there's At the Movies with Simon Morris.

Funny, interesting and comments on
the latest, greatest and not so great.

There are heaps of really interesting radio programmes
on National Radio and
since it's a taxpayer funded you should make the most of it.

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