Saturday, April 28, 2012

Leeston Fete

It was the Leeston Fete today.
The second annual Leeston Fete that is.
We had the mandatory vehicle display
on the main street closed for the day.
The weather was perfect t-shirt temperatures
not that cynical Cantabrians will allow themselves to
enjoy such foolery as short sleeves.

First place I searched out was the Black Forest Waffle Hut.
Last year the inaugural Leeston Fete had seriously bad weather but
plenty of people still came out.
I lined up then for waffles with cream and cinnamon
and I lined up today too.
I live for waffles from fairs, fetes, galas and markets.
Freshly ironed waffles, yum!

I should know this pirate's name but now at the end of the day I can't!
(I have a post coming up about getting older).
There was plenty of awesome kids entertainment on.
Between the pirate and the bouncy castle
there was these huge transparent plastic balls
that the kids climbed inside and tumbled themselves around a pool of water.
Looked fun.
I wanted a go but I suspect a grown up inside a transparent ball
may have taken the fun out of the experience for the kids.
I think they have replaced dodgem cars.

And because winter is long around here,
and people love their animals
we have Cab 4 Ewe.
Don't worry, it will be able to be driven
and the sheep will recline in the back as they tootle down the road.

(this is a gross exageration, that wire wouldn't hold the sheep in)
I like the wooden gate best.
Very true to kiwi number 8 wire tradition.

Our tiny town is pulling together since the earthquakes started.
We get out and buy the sausages sizzles with bread and onion
raising money for the kindy.
And then another sausage from the Fire Brigade.
Waffles, kebabs, hot dogs on sticks, hot chips, coconut ice, fudge
it's just an orgy of poor food choices,
but all off set by all the walking and standing around chatting.
Right neighbourly it is, the old Leeston Fete.

I bought manuka/clover honey from Sheehans
Leeston is the centre of New Zealand's bee belt.
I finally found daffodil bulbs for less than a dollar each
so had a wee glut buy of those
(all planted this afternoon).
And that was about me really.
Oh and two fresh, crisp waffles.
That will be it until Feildays.

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