Tuesday, May 1, 2012

storms from all directions

Sunday night, we had a rainy storm blow in from the west.

This resulted in a blackout in the middle of the 60 Minutes 
interview with the Victoria Cross winning Aussie digger
and just before the seasonal tornado hunters article.
Ah issues and dramas.

Punky Pete making the most of the hot water left in the kettle,
with a luke warm coffee (no he is not Mormon)
and a bit of light from one of my handy dandy lanterns.

You'd think that after 1000 earthquakes
(That's 1000 actual earthquakes not figuratively)
and living out on the Canterbury Plains
I'd be a little better prepared and less than surprised
when the first winter storm blows up and
the lights go out.
I know exact where candles are,
in the fridge/freezer, cause you can always find the fridge in the dark
and candles last longer if they've been frozen.
Matches remain in the same place they got put after the last big shake.
Both easy to find.
The lanterns are always on the top shelf of the cupboard next to the stove
(another appliance easy to find in the dark).
Batteries remain in the lanterns with the lids unscrewed
so not to waste the energy.

Last June, not long after the fourth really big earthquake
I was at National Fieldays.
For those who aren't in the know,
Fieldays are four days of agricultural exhibitionism with stands from
ag companies displaying their wares from tractors to tasselled alpaca fleece scarfs,
spades to sausages sizzles, gumboots to gumtrees and everything in between.
There are brilliant sales of all sorts of things.
I tackled the camping gear suppliers and got extra discounts
because of all the earthquakes disasters we'd been having.
Yay cheap lanterns that work like expensive ones,
because they are them!

When there's a blackout, even with lanterns
the only thing to do is go to bed and sleep through it
with hopes it will be over when you wake up.
And it was.

Monday evening arrived and brought this Southerly front with it.
Taken as I left Methven, buffeted by really strong winds,
enough to push my one tonne ute around the road,
yes I drive one handed in all weathers
'cause I drive a ute, brah!

After a night without power I figured
Orion, the lines company would be on top of things
so when the freezing cold Southerly front came through
on Monday evening all utilities remained on.
Shame the neighbours rickety old shed rattled and shook all night.

P.S. I love instagram

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