Monday, July 2, 2012

doing the telly thang

So today on my way to work,

about half way to work which is about 20 minutes along I remembered that
some TV people were going to turn up about 1pm and
do an interview with me about taking ten teenagers to Hawaii on Thursday.
Ten teenagers and Louly Worm that is.
Me and Louly will be doing the taking and
the kids will be following along with dazed and confused stares I’m sure.

As I was driving I suddenly remembered that
Rozzy had called me about 430pm on Friday
to see if it was fine that we do an interview about going to visit with East Hawaii 4-H next week,
which is now this coming Thursday.

At the moment I’m running to keep up.
My way of doing this is to slow right down and focus solely on the next task.
Which is not running at all but boy does it feel like it.
Today's next task was to get my hair cut.
So any thoughts of TV interviews had flown out of my head.
 This was especially bad because when I get my hair done I don't bother with make up
because Sarah, my hairdresser invariably washes off any powder on my forehead and
I end up with a bizarre high tide line across my brow.
This is not attractive but probably only apparent to myself or
are my workmates too polite??

This morning Sarah was able to get a direct hit with a drop of water in my eye
which for a second I stopped before I rubbed
cause I had to do a quick check to remember if I had put mascara on.
I hadn't which was a lucky dodge cause
the only thing worse than no make-up is smeared make up
and I already get enough cracks about Young Farmers partying all night.

But back to the TV thing.
This is how we roll in Young Farmers.
Media people phone up, and TV are the worst or the best depending on your view point.
They phone up and get passed on to one of the managers.
They then ask us what do we have on at the moment that's interesting - ah well.... 
we scramble around thinking what do we have on at the moment. 

Most the world, including Young Farmer members think that once
the National Bank Young Farmer Contest is over then we have nothing much to do at all.
This thought process does make it hard to explain why we employ 15 people but
thoughts are necessarily processed constructively in this modern world.

So Rozzy had txted Kate and Steph from Mt Hutt College,
who are coming with us to Hawaii,
so they could come down and be filmed while I blathered on about NZYF and
taking TAG kids to Hawaii.
These guys were from CTV.
Which is a regional channel most famous for their building named after them,
the CTV Building in which my friend Jo Giles was killed in
during the Feb 22 earthquake that hit Christchurch.
Jo worked as a presenter for CTV doing funky shopping shows and
intelligent personality interviews.
She taught me that being on TV is just like being at home in your lounge chatting with mates
but with really glaring lighting and that you really need make up, lots of make-up.

Rob Cope-Williams presents Rob's World on CTV.
It's all about Canterbury agriculture and i
s not very much like Wayne's World at all,
similarities end at the programme's name.
Rob rocked up earlier than planned,
Kate and Steph were coming but not at the office yet
(mostly because it's so cold here at the moment most people's pipes have frozen and
they had no water for a shower and a hair wash but looked great all the same.)

So Rob and I chatted about Young Farmers and
when the girls arrived we kept chatting but filmed as well.
Then we did all the angle shots and pretended to chat.
Then we moved and the girls and
I poured over a TeenAg Mag at my messy desk
(thanks Rozzy for letting me dump my stuff on your desk, you are such a team player).

While Matt the camera man did angle shots and
then some more angle shots and then they left.
And that's what happens with TV interviews.
A hiss and a roar and then they disappear to do
what they will with your words and images.

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