Monday, July 23, 2012


Since I've come to Hawai'i I've come to appreciate drinking water.

You'd think after all the earthquakes and
free flowing sewerage/water that I'd have this sussed but I don't.

My life is too soft and my memory too short.
At home I fill water bottles everyday, one for the car and one for work.
About three litres everyday.  

Our tap water is unfloridated and not too chlorinated and
fresh from the huge, pure aquifers under the Canterbury Plains.
Sweet, fresh from the ground.
Here in Hawaii people get their water from where they can.  
There are deserts there you know!

Its all the usual places you get water from 
rain water,  run off, ground water, springs and of course town water.  

To be honest, it all, with the exception of the spring water tastes pretty foul. 
So you drink bottled water and of course there are million brands.  

My choice in NZ is Pump.  
In Hawaii there are plenty of good brands
and very pretty looking brands too.
Me and Louly sampled a bunch of them and
ended up drinking the prettiest bottle.
One of which made it home with me
and now resides on my bathroom floor.
I really have lost my housekeeping mojo.

On July 5th Louly and I took ten young New Zealand farm kids to Hawaii for an agricultural exchange for two weeks. They are members of the NYZF TeenAg programme. We were hosted by East Hawaii 4H specifically the Beatons and Stouts. We visited many kinds of agricultural and horticultural operations, varied and diverse, learned that American ag folks like to philosophise about their place in the world and had a great time snorkeling and shopping in the sun. These posts are in no particular order cause I was too busy to post while in Hawaii and can be rather abstract and should only be taken as an inaccurate at best record.

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