Monday, July 16, 2012

Where ever you are

Here's the thing (or kine),
where you go you always take yourself.
It's Sunday afternoon in Hawaii,
we've just got back from Waimea with the Beatons and the only thing I want to do is have a nap.  
A good old fashioned Sunday afternoon nap.

Really at home in NZ it's Monday afternoon and
I seldom want to have naps on Mondays.
I suspect I want to have a nap on whatever day is the Sabbath in where ever I am.
So if I were in Israel I'd be yearning for a nap on Saturday afternoon or
in an Islamic country, Friday Id be craving a nap.
If I was in a Buddist or Hindu country I'd want a nap every afternoon
cause it would be so flipping hot and
naps are best when it's warm and you're genuinely exhausted,
 all encompassing heat will sap your energy and sleep is the only answer.   T

oday I'm tired cause I want to go home.
Hawaii is 22hours behind NZ or 2 hours ahead but yesterday and
it's all catching up with me.
It doesn't help to have ten teenagers plus another couple of local kids
being full of energy and enthusiasm
 running up and down the hills of Waimea playing
a random mix of touch rugby/American football with tackles thrown in,
those are American tackles designed to stop freight trains
not rugby tackles designed to pull someone to the ground.

When they aren't play ball they are laughing up an hysterical storm
watching YouTube and read allowed from Facebook.
Then they race outside to ride horses and head out to kill a pig or two
followed by mounds of food. 

But ten days into our fourteen days in Hawaii,
they are all tired from blood testing lambs and learning how to brand cattle,
from snorkeling and swimming,
driving and driving to farms and ranches as
we learn about paniolo and the 'natural' way of farming.

Not to mention shopping, my how these kids like to shop!
They have developed an addiction for Starbucks coffees of various,
lengthy named kinds and a passion for Macy's sales.
Their ability to sniff out a deal only pales in comparison to their curiosity
about why Hawaiians farm the way they do. 

The kids have been fantastic.
 They've embraced the cuisine - kuala pork, poke, mountain oysters in teriyaki sauce.
They've learned that paniolo were cowboying long before the West
was a twinkle in Wyatt Earps eye.

They are appreciating how their families farm at home.
They arent surprised at anything much except my elderly persons need to have naps.

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