Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One of the traditions of Young Farmers
is to have a fines session.

The fines are for anything and everything.
Foolish mistakes, serious errors, hijinks's and jokes.

They take the sting out of feeling like an idiot
and help you feel forgiven and a little less self conscious.

The 2012 East Hawaii 4H TAG Exchange
fines session took place at the Honolulu airport
in the food hall where we had set up base camp
while we whiled away four or so hours before our flight home.

Louly and I had kept tally as the experience progressed,
periodically asking the kids what silly thing had happened that day
to record for the fines list.

Louly and I included.

Here are just a few....
Tessa otherwise known as Tissa,
lost her passport three time,
yes three times!
Once before we even had left NZ.

Thomas, bless him was checking the depth of a cave
but unfortunately picked up a soft rock that got a bit mushy in his hand.

Jacob, who should have known better,
drove into trees.
To be fair this was a reasonably common
occurrence with the kids.

Kate gets the blame for the Starbucks obsession,
although she did not start it,
she just continued it at every opportunity.

Nicola got us started on an iPad buying spree.

I think I got the record.
I got stung for my small and short-lived Reeces peanut butter cup obsession,
for walking into the screen door at the Kona condos
and I should have got one for tripping over a step
but somehow injury negates the need to fork out.

We should have stung Jacob for letting down the side
when he collapsed the pyramid!

The money was donated at Auckland Airport 
to a non-specfied local charity
in one of those drop your international change here boxes,
Then all the kids saw Prime Minister John Key
but more importantly some guys from the Black Caps
and we got a plane to fly home to Christchurch.

The End.

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