Monday, April 8, 2013

First Nat Com of the year

Yep it rolls around thrice times a year and the dates seem to get closer and closer together.

Basically we get together the seven Young Farmers Regional Chairs and 
a few of the Vice-Chairs so that they can tell us, 
the National Organisation what’s going on out there in the nether regions of Nu Zild.

Plus we help them develop their understanding of what the National organisation is up to, 
have reporting from committees and 
throw in a high profile speaker and a smidge of leadership training – 
this is mostly done by osmosis.

This Nat Coms speaker was the Honourable Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries and 
the general consensus was that Nathan is pretty damn cool and, 
thank goodness there is someone nearer our age and is calm, cool and collected.  
Plus he tweets his own tweets.

This Nat Com was really positive.  
Run by our Young Farmers Board members, 
Cam Lewis took the helm to guide us through the agenda effectively and efficiently.  
We try to make the agenda manageable so a bunch of farmers can sit for two days
in an enclosed environment.  
Though we do make sure there are windows. 

This Nat Com was held at Cam’s family asparagus farm near Levin.  
The farm was a great location, Levin, however was a cautious ok.  
May have been the train tracks that were about 10 meters from our motel rooms.

At the end of the day, Nat Com is the engine of New Zealand Young Farmers.  
The discussions that start in the meeting room continue 
as the friendships continue after the Nat Com guys go back to their home Regions.  

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