Thursday, September 25, 2014

standing for something

today is the first afternoon of the standing desk.
Our work challenge for spring is a 70 day challenge
where we are in teams of four from across New Zealand.
Each day we have a challenge to met,
actually it might be each week I haven't read the rules yet
(or ever as rule reading or complying is not my forte).
In our team of four we have to walk 10,000 steps each day,
and some other stuff like drink green tea instead of coffee,
so that doesn't count for me cause I ain't no coffee drinker.
I nabbed the left over raisable desk so I can stand or sit or squat for that matter,
if I so choose.
The blokes in the office moved it in for me,
while I mucked up the cords between my phone and my computer.
I've been standing at my standing desk for two hours now,
I googled tips for my transition from sitting eight hours to halving that.
Turns out that hopped, boxing stances and rocking are all key to a successful transition.
I'll let you know how I get on.
Just last weekend, New Zealand had its triennial election.
Landslide blah blah, lots of rehashing blah blah blah.
But this election I was asked to stand for my party Act.
I usually avoid any public politicing but
this year it was time I stepped up and wore my colours on my front gate.
Turns out in my electorate there was nothing happening.
Mine is a safe National (conservative) seat and it appeared that the Labour candidate was high enough on the list that she would be returned to Parliament too.
(Labour's vote was the lowest in 90 years so she wasn't and now she has to get another job,
probably with the teacher's union).
But what about me?
Well it was time I stood up for what I believe to be right.
(totally subjective this rightness thing)
Since nothing much was happening in my electorate is posted this on the old Facebook:
Hey peoples, just a wee testimony of why I support Act and even stood for Act in my electorate and in the List. I believe in freedom, I believe in freedom of religion, speech, all sorts of freedom. I want that for myself and for you. I believe I can make choices for myself, govern myself - I don't have any friends who are idiots so you must be able to govern and make choices for yourself too. For those of you who are Mormon, my political beliefs are entirely enmeshed with my religious beliefs. I know that God has given us the right to choose for ourselves and that is what Act is advocating for. Now for a wee political spectrum lesson.....when we talk about left and right politics what we are talking about is the degree of control that party would exert over you and your life. On the left is total control, middle lots of control but not all, and the right is none. At the moment National sits in the centre, and all other parties are to the left, of the larger parties the Greens are the furtherest left, Labour is left of centre and Act is out there on its own to the right, not all the way but enough along that you get to live your life free of the tyranny of Govt. Now I understand that freedom and making choices for yourself is scary, as I get older I find myself getting a little more conservative/centrist on SOME issues but I support Act because even though some of their policies seem harsh, it's more that they are like ripping a sticking plaster off very fast. We have been lulled into a false sense of security. Look at the whole NSA thing, any government that doesn't believe the people should govern themselves is going to get in bed with spy agencies - that stuff would have been going on under Labour too (you earn UN positions by being good to those in power). So please vote wisely, not for quick fix, promises that probably won't happen (after all, no matter which party you are with, it's still a democracy in the House) but vote because you believe in the ideals and hope for freedom.
I am troubled by how media hijacks elections,
as much as my wee party was misquoted, misconstrued, miseverythinged,
I was also pretty horrified at the circus that particular people and their parties made this election into.
Even though in the end my campaigning efforts were limited
to putting up hoardings and delivering brochures,
I knew I was doing the right thing by standing for what I believe in.
Which is more than most people do.
This did not happen, but Act still wins at the end of the day
because David Seymour was elected in Epsom and he is pretty stellar.

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