Tuesday, March 1, 2016

the continuing saga...

of piiiiiigs innnnn spaaaace.
Do you remember that?
It's from the Muppets back in the 70s.

I loved the Muppets,
but Pigs in Space was a weird but
it's title sticks in my head.
Funny that.

Boy Mags hates the Muppets.
Actually she seemed to hate anything that attempted humour.
I wonder why that was?

Anyway, being redundant is getting tiresome.
Well it is and it isn't.

I decided to give myself until the end of February 
before I started applying for jobs.
So I've done that and even got any 'extra' day in the form of leap day.
Though I did apply for a job yesterday that is a good fit for me
but is back in Canterbury.
Which would be fine if the earthquakes had stopped stopped.
It kind of raises the stakes in the desirability of moving back to Canty.
It's not an unpopular choice in the famdamly
but living is not cheap there.

However, living is cheap in Southland.
Yes, I said Southland.
It's not really a place anyone thinks about 
When I saw a cool community development role there, I 
took a look at housing opportunities 
- renting and buying -
and soon enough found myself looking at houses in Otago.
Southland is not a big place,
at all.

Like it's a bonus that it's a couple of hours drive to Queenstown,
or to Dunedin and you could always go visit Stewart Island.
Not that I've had any desire to do so,
simply because getting across Foveaux Strait sounds horrific,
traumatic and scary, really scary. 

There are a few jobs in Hamilton and 
I'm applying like for many of them to see what happens.

Maybe we'll stay here,
maybe we will be elsewhere.
Maybe I should just apply for jobs where we want to live.

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