Sunday, November 15, 2009

Best thing about Stake Conference

Well this is so not why Stake Conference should be great but for me it is. Since I left the Tron and all my friends and family (until Mags followed me that is) its been kind of weird being by myself at things like Stake Conference.
The first weekend I was in Chch Stake was Stake Conference and so I tackled (not literally) some missionaries to find out what Ward I was meant to be in. Got that sorted and went off to my new ward.
My bestest friend in my ward is Sesi. Apparently this is quiet odd, me being Palangi and Sesi being Tongan - its weird for a Cantabs, not for anyone else. So me and Sesi are mates and I get to cuddle her babies - she has four kids but, get this, after trying for eight years to have third child she was offered little girl from an extended family member (lots of details, all a bit crazy) and then she found out she was pregnant and when Sara-Megan was 7 months old Sesi had Lofi. Yes Sara-Megan is named after me cause I totally rock, least thats what I've been told.

So this is Sesi, isn't she beautiful!

We hang out and talk about the strangest things (maybe they aren't strange if you are Tongan!?!?) and she is helping me speak better English (her second language and my first) and laughs at my Tongan - I do too for that matter. She was telling me today (in the middle of Elder Viron of the Seventy's talk but he was repeating President McDonald's talk anyway and I had listened to that) that she used to have her hair long and down to her bottom but since she has been in NZ she has kept it short. So thats a bit of a no-no in Tonga, she's such a rebel and I can tell her husband O is real proud of his rebel wife. I'm just a little worried that when we go to Tonga for a visit next July that everyone is going blame me for her rebellious nature. Cause my hair is even shorter!

Although I have a halo here so I can't be my fault!

Anyway so Conference is great for me because Sesi and I just get to hang out - one great thing about the men in her family (husband O, her two older boys Chris and Joseph and then cousins Sami and Tovi) is that they take the babies and we get to hang out. It's nice getting to have a wee cuddle then hand them over and catch up. See here's Sami and Lofi...

Sami's single by the way and is an RMand looks really tough but really he's just shy, actually I might have that totally wrong. Sami is learning English (and doing really well cause he understands me and I speak really fast) and he probably is just to shy to speak English, once he gets that sussed he probably won't shut up!! Tovi always takes Sara-Megan and they had really wandered off so I don't have a photo of them, that will be next week when I'll post a picture of Sara-Megan's super fat thighs.

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