Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leeston Enviro...what??

So Monday last week I organised a meeting I called the Leeston Envirotown Great Sustainability Brainstorm and more than 30 people came! I was so impressed with the people who came.

Basically Sue Jarvis from Lincoln Envirotown came and gave an overview of what they did up in Lincoln and then we had a big ol' brainstorm about what we would like to see in Leeston.

Ideas were things like a community garden, cycle ways, knowledge sharing (passing down traditional skills), native plantings, markets, car pooling, kids classes, twlight tours of composting-off the grid-straw bale houses that type of thing. The cool thing is that the people who are keen on their idea can organise the project under Leeston Enviro?? (we haven't comfirmed the name just yet).

Personally I like the community garden idea best cause although I have a vege garden full of happy, shiney veges I really have no idea what I'm doing. Good thing I'm not a control freak in the garden (yes that lends itself to admitting that I am a control freak otherwise). In a fit of recycling I collected a crate from outside my gym and cut it in half to make two square metre gardens. I got one going (now home to a teapea) but its getting a bit splity on one side.

Today I bought a couple of lengths of timber from ITM (we have a Hammer Hardware as well but ITM is for the grunty stuff but Hammer Hardware is still my local) to build a garden along my wobbly fence to grow my beans in. I need more vege space! Now I have to get a sledge hammer and bash stakes in. That will be a great Sunday afternoon activity after Stake Conference. So I went to ITM and met Jacky who is a builder chick and she invited me ITM's girls night in a week or two and so I'm going along to watch tipsy women play with power tools - should be a good night! Let you know how I get on.

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