Sunday, November 22, 2009

Budget day!

Nooo! Not The Budget just a budget effort today. Well actually not that budget because I really like what I'm going to share with you....

The Cool Hunter - I bet you don't ponder what a big part that design plays in your life but when you take a look at this website you'll realise how enhancing design is to your life. I love all the ideas and really love the ads (freaken brilliant concepts), travel (blissful places that I wish, wish I was on a plane to), architecture (helps me get through the week between Grand Designs programmes) and just heaps of other cool stuff - be sure to put aside a bit of time to view.

So on The Cool Hunter today was this super, super touching tribute to Phillip Toledano's father - no I don't know him either but this tribute website called Days with my Father and is just the wonderful and moving and touching and reminds me of my grandfather.

Another website on my list of daily checks is Green Wedding Shoes - I love the photos and brides always look lovely so it's a feel good site and makes me happy.

My all time favourite (this may change though) is Pioneer Woman - seriously this woman Ree Drummond is my blogging hero. She started out blogging about living on a ranch. She was a city chick who married a rancher (read cowboy) and tells her story of how her life has changed with four kids, thousands of cattle, a herd of wild horses, a slew of cowboys and her to die for love story - watch the addiction factor!



  1. There is one person at least still reading this blog :)

  2. Shut up yourself! I have others they just prefer to remain annonymous! Dang it!