Saturday, November 21, 2009


Let's talk about happiness - well I'll do the talking and you do the reading but feel free to comment - blogs are meant to be interactive!

Yesterday and the day before I was very happy. It doesn't take much in my increasing old age to make me happy. So Thursday and Friday all it took was brilliant sunshine. Yesterday it was a long, hot day so that even when I finally left work at 10.30pm (I started at 7.30am) it was still 19C - loved that!

What made me very happy on Thursday was that because I was working in another building but needed to go clear across campus to get back to my office at least 6 times (I only worked 11 hours on Thursday so the hourly average wasn't too bad) and I was wearing heels, I got to take them off and walk on the newly cut grass on the Forbes Lawn (I don't know if thats what the lawn is called but it makes sense to me). This is a picture on a not so sunny day but from the Forbes Building to Ivey Hall library - see the grass. The gardeners keep it all so lovely and
walkable on.

So now heaps of people think I'm a hippie wandering around campus in business attire sans shoes. I even got catcalled from a passing van - it was on campus so only driving at about 20 kms and hour so I called back.

Anyway before you think I'm some crazy person (one word out of you Mrs L! One word!) for working all those hours I should explain. I'm whats called on conference - actually thats what I call it, not sure if any other conference organisers call it that. So this is how my week has been.

Tuesday - A.M. Small group arrives for a one and half day meeting, oh plus an evening meeting, staying on campus, meals, equipment (hmmm where did my stapler go???) and pleasant conversation from me.

Wednesday - get same group going with additional equipment, needs to vacate room at 12 sharp. New group (one I'm actually getting paid to organise) starts at 11am and is of on a bus tour of ecological sites - one delegate phones to say he'll be late and could I drive him to catch up with the bus - of course I can. Notice there are more people than brown bag lunches - like about 12 more people! hmmm pretty sure I counted numbers correctly, double check, why yes I did. Some sneaky people changing their minds! Good thing the bus was big enough, but then no need to worry about this because we use Travlon buses, best buses in the world, nah universe! Seriously if you do something like forget to book a bus for about 50 that are lining up at the bus stop... waiting... for a bus to come right now - you just call Alex and he makes a bus appear! I've never forgotten to book a bus but someone I know has.

Then Wednesday night is drinks and nibbles and poster reading - thats what they do at academic conferences, read posters. Good thing: Have organised poster boards to be there for the drinks and nibbles (they don't consume much) slight change in plans from having them there for Thursday only. Posters are a big academic deal and cost about $400 to $800 to get made up (that includes design) and they are quite hard to print because they SHOULD be A0 size but some academic struggle with the concept. Nod to the Spanish academics at ISBCA for printing theirs on material so they are easy to transport (major conference issue is lost posters) although very hard to keep up for three day with Velcro sticky dots.

Thursday - Sunny day and full day workshop - more people arrive... late. Good thing there are back doors to lecture halls. Pretty easy day, just long. I really like the organiser Glenn he makes me laugh and we have this weird thing where we bump into each other in the supermarket often - seriously at more than one supermarket too. Conferences are easy when you like the people you work with.

Friday - new mini-conference, just one day. Very pleasant people and got meet Katie's mum, lovely woman just like her daughter. Spent the day running around but in two small windows of time got to sit in the sun and read - was reading two books, The Winner's Bible (because the author is potential speaker for another project, but basically the book is a guys self help book filled with Formula 1 stories but the science bits are interesting) and A Field Guide to Melancholy (was on the for sale desk as Jacky the author was also the convener of the day's programme). I was only borrowing the Field Guide and I do realise the irony of the two titles.

Friday night - building opening (new School of Landscape Architecture building above) and art auction - a luxury to be involved in one capacity, the money taking capacity. Had a lovely but long evening using the EFTPOS machine - that was really fun. Heaps of people turned up and so I didn't get to hear the building opening speeches (dang it!) maybe because I stayed in a completely different building (it has a open door to the new building and believe me you can hear every word said the in hall of new building). Anyway the SoLA students did a fantastic job getting a massive and impressive array of art together and most of it sold well. Turns out the hungry attendees ate all the food and the food for today's reunion and dance. Whoops!

So today is another long day and for those of you who think going to functions and dances and lunches and gala dinners is fun and games - not so much fun, more relief that another function has gone well. Besides today is meant to be 29C and windy as a windy thing and it already is. Nor'Wester today so must get lots of pain killers and wear sandles so I can walk on the grass in barefeet. Tired but happy.

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  1. Not saying a word, one word, not one. Keeping quiet, keeping so quiet, quiet as a mouse. My lips are sealed, sealed tight, tighter than a nuns ..... Oh stuff it ..... you ARE crazy lady .......welcome, welcome to my world. So pleased you could join me.