Friday, November 13, 2009

Show Day storm

At 9.24am this very morning a jet engine of a southerly wind started up and by 9.27 the my lovely blue sky with fluffy white clouds disappeared behind the low grey, endless clouds. The temp dropped and so by 9.35 I was up and putting the fire on. It's November for goodness sakes!

Now I'm sitting inside beneath a low grey cloud cause the wind is blowing down my chimney and my kent fire is puffing like a dragon. It freezing, my window are open (but not those on the south side) and all I can think is "Yes! I knew I was right not to get up and clean the fly poop of my kitchen ceiling!" its gonna need bleaching by the end of today anyway!

What a choice - cold or smokey??? I like breathing but how do you stop the fire? Besides I was warned a storm was coming by the Fisherman, well he said southerly but that means storm around here. Seriously, I'm starting to cry now! can..not...see....the..*cough*...screen!*cough**cough*cough*...but...not...before........

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