Friday, November 13, 2009

Today's tip!

Yesterday (because I checked Elders weather website and knew today was going to be crap weather) I planted my peas. In my family raw peas are a Christmas treat that we start eating mid December, we also adore asparagus so, well, ummm, yeah smelly wees, let's leave it at that. Peas are best when they come from my garden! Though they are good enough when you buy a shopping bag full from the market gardener by the chapel (thats a relative placement, he is by the chapel for me not for too many others). I wonder if you'll have to bring your own re-useable bag??? hmmmm.

Anyway neato thing I'm doing this year is making pea teepees (or is that teapeas) so here's what you do..
Take 5 bamboo stakes about a metre long, tie them - or as I did - elastic band them together that the top and fan them out to make a teapea shape.
Firmly anchor the none-tied ends of the stakes into the soil (please note: farmers have soil not dirt) spacing them to fit the area you have available,
Then plant two pea plants close to each stake so they will climb upwards and make a little teapea.
When they start growing you'll be able to see them rise above the other veges and they'll be easy to pick - cool huh?!?!


  1. Thank you Sara - my life is complete. I have ALWAYS wanted to know how to make peateepee.

  2. You are welcome Mrs L. I'm sure you can teach the kids to erect them all over the farm!