Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's tip!

I love this tip and it totally works and is easy and I love the result (enough ands do you think?)

You will need come cooking oil, olive is best but whatever you have is fine and some sugar and coordination.

Ok cup your hand and pour the oil in til you have a wee pool in your cupped palm. Then add sugar and let it absorb so the sugar is moist and the oil is just about to flow out of your hand. Then massage the mixture all over your hands and up your wrists. Massage for at least 5 minutes (doesn't sound long but it is) and when you skin starts to feel raw (it isn't really) rinse off with warm water. Make sure to rub your nails and along the sides of your fingers. Then wash your hands with yummy smelling soap and gently dry then moisturise.

Here are some other recipes if you are really keen 5 homemade sugar scrubs

Then hold hands with someone you like and they will go "oooo! your hands feel so soft!", well a variation of that anyway.

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