Thursday, November 19, 2009

It must be Thursday if....

the Leeston cycle club is racing by house in a massive pack and then back again minutes later. Sheesh its annoying! When Oti was here we used to 'voice' our opinion of and to them (they go past quite fast so it's not like they could hear us) and that isn't as much fun to do that on your own.

I think the thing that bothers me most about cyclists is that they wear branded gear and that they've paid to wear it. Same goes for t-shirts - for those of you who wear Nike etc t-shirts, do you receive a payment for being a human billboard? I just don't unnastand.

But really what I want to blog about are tribes because that's what I was thinking about on the way home today....

No! Not this kind of tribe!

Not this lot either!

I'm talking about the tribes we all belong to and often not really by choice.

I don't mean that in a bad way because sometimes we belong to a tribe by choice and that's cool. I belong to the Mormon, iFeminist, Libertarian, kinda greenie tribe

(I do know people who tick those boxes besides myself Mrs L!)

but not all of those are on purpose, its just who I am.
For the most part we 'join' tribes without knowing it. The 8 Tribes website is really interesting. Basically it's the idea that there is no typical NZer and that we have actually developed 'tribes' by how we live and what our values are. But then if we are grouping people into 'tribes' then aren't we kinda of making a typical NZer we just have a person that is typical of that group and there are only 8 tribes so that fairly common isn't it?

To see what your 'tribe' is do the test - I love this kind of thing. The other day I needed to do a Myers Briggs test for a job I applied for and I got what ever the code was that came out as Inspiring Teacher - that's so me! .... isn't it???
By the way I'm from the Balclutha tribe, which is handy because where they are found says "Towns with a single main street and muddy utes" and that describes Leeston and the Raglan (-by-the-Sea to give its full name) tribe and they are found is "small settlements in beautiful places" which also describes Leeston. What tribe do you belong to?

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