Friday, December 4, 2009

Crik in my neck!

I have the worst crik in my neck for 5 days now and I swear my head is going to stay leaning to the left and you know I'm hating that!

But let's talk about heros.

I'm not one who invests in heros and this, apparently is typical of my generation, we just don't do heros. But in my old age I have recently accquired a hero or two.

  1. My first recently accquired hero is Nie Nie of nieniedialogues - I just admire her so much and even though my life is very, very different from hers I am grateful to have her as an example of endurance (unrated attribute but one of the greatest), grace (you know it when you see it but not something one can learn), bravery (so, so brave everyday) and love. Nie Nie was an example of these before and equally after her and her husband's accident. I only hope that I can be as strong as my trials come my way.

Ok I though I had another one but he turned out to be not so great.

Eustace Conway seemed like the kind of man I would want to be if I were a fulla. Then I read his biography and the thing about learning about your heros is that they have clay feet.

Eustace are hulking huge clay feet. See here on a you tube interview with the Today show and he seems straight forward, skilled and really amazing. And he is but he is also arrogant, determined, single minded to the exclusion of everything else, huge expectations of others (and to be fair, himself), particular and quite insular. Now keeping in mind that he needs to be all these things to accomplish all that he has but as a person he is makes me go "oookkkaaayyy... not liking this at all". So now he has been demoted to someone who I admire and would like to accquire some of his skills. The book is a fascinating study of how mankind has evolved and Eustace rocks really he just ain't hero material.

So I guess I just have the one hero - Nie Nie, gosh I love her - and thats ok. I just happy to have one hero.

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