Sunday, December 6, 2009

In colour

The Christmas season is a time of joy, service and happiness. But have you noticed how it isn't always so?

Today in Relief Society class we had a wonderful lesson on gifts in the context of the gift commemorate at Christmas time as in the birth of the Christ child and that it is a time of giving gifts. We also talked about how we receive gifts especially the gift of the Gospel, do we take it for granted and shrug it off, too busy with our lives or do we celebrate this wondrous gift everyday?

Here's a small gift to remind you (and me) of how very blessed we are this season and that there is always someone who needs our help, our kindness more than we need theirs.

Hope ya know, we had a hard time

and to remind us that hard times have always been In Colour or In Color

P.S. If someone can tell me how to embed youtube videos here, please let me know cause it just ain't working for me!

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