Sunday, December 6, 2009

Too funny hunny

Yesterday after the parade and lots of planting Mags and I were sitting out on our deck which is somewhat uncomfortably close the street, when Fisherfulla stopped by for a chat. Mags asked him if he could take a look at the broken electric beater as Christmas is coming and pavs will be required.

Fisherfulla agreed, even though he was meant to be out on the shallow end of the lake catching mullet for market. Mags bought the broken beater outside and explained what had happen and I nearly peed myself laughing... so be prepared.

Mags had been whipping up a pav when the beater jammed. So she held it up to see what was wrong. Mags turned it off and on and off and on - sometimes it worked, others it didn't. Finally it started working but by this stage Mags was wrestling with the beater and the beater took it's revenge.

As she started the beater up, the beaters prongy things grabbed her dressing gown and her t-shirt and her boob!!!! And it got stuck!!!! Her boob got wound up in the beater!!!! And got stuck!!!! in the beater!!!!

She checked for the reverse but it didn't have reverse! So she unplugged everything and carefully, carefully pulled her boob, her t-shirt, her dressing gown out of the beater.

Apparently there were no ill effects. Except to the electric beater and the pav was finished by hand beating - phew

P.S. the beater is now in parts and is not likely to be fixed anytime soon as the fishing is good.

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  1. LOL! What a story, hope there were no permanent scars ('cept maybe embarrassment :) Thanks for posting a comment to my site - YAY! first non-family comment/ reader. Thank you! Love Ree Drummond by the way prob the hippest coolest blogger out there. Thanks for stopping by, Stef