Friday, December 18, 2009

Joy to the world!

I love singing Christmas Carols, love it. My all time favourite song is Joy to the World.

I listen to it year round thanks to Jewel.

So up lifting and happy and happy, oh yeah and happy.

One of my enjoyable memories of Hamiltron is attending a concert by the Mighty River Harmony - a barber shop choir. The reason I went was because my friend Dae invited me to come and listen to her dad Tim sing. They were preparing to go to the Worlds in Hawaii where they placed 2nd - in the world, the whole world, the whole wide world.

They sound wonderful and are so entertaining.

It feels good to laugh and listen and be so well entertained.

See how into it they are!

If you look real hard thats Dae's dad Tim is the
third from the right in the second row from the front.

And they are on Youtube - they are so fun to watch!

and they have a website

and have a concert on Sunday 20th December in the Raglan Town Hall - if you can go you should really go, maybe have a fish and chip picnic on the beach afterwards -
now that would be a good day.

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