Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last day at work for the year!

This year the University has 'given' us all compulsory leave - that's our annual leave that we have to take unless we get special dispensation. I happen to work in a unit that can get special dispensation and even though I have a short-course tour in the second week of January there is no way I'd be seeking special permission to work.
This time I will happily succumb to the oppression of The Man.
Yesterday was the last day the University was open for this 2009 and I had a
meeting for Time outSIDE with Adele and Emz at the Dunsandel Store
(which I really want to like but there is just something missing from the atmosphere) and so I borrowed a work car....

Yes a teeny tiny Smartcar....

See how teeny tiny it is? There is no backseat.
It cruises nicely at 120kph but it suffers quite a bit from being buffeted by the wind to the point where I got car sick - I was driving for goodness sake! I feel sick just thinking about it!
This is where I had to pull over for just a minute.
No I'm not on a back road, this is the main road from work out to State Hwy 1 and yes I am taking the photo from standing in the middle of the road and no there are not many cars. When there are they travel at quite a pace.

See how small it is!

I heard somewhere that it is safer to drive in a small car because you drive more defensively and therefore watch out for other vehicles more. I wouldn't know about that, I think it takes more then 30 minutes of driving to transistion into that frame of mind.

Even with the bout of motion sickness I had a great day.

For lunch the Blue Fairy and I joined lots of our co-workers for a picnic on Forbes Lawn in the sun and just a bit of wind.

Yay for Curried Sarah and Jane the party aunties for sending a viral email invitation - good idea and a lovely lunch break!

Now what the heck am I going to do for two weeks......

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