Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kickin' cows

As part of the visiting the country experience you get when staying with me is you get to go milking. Now I am blessed to have a choice of farms to choose from and yesterday we went to Emz's farm.

I think this is the grumpiest looking cow I have seen in a while...

The Lord of Darkness and Emz had a discussion about how hot the milk is when it comes out of the cow and heats up the pipes it gets sucked through to the vat. It is hot, about 30 something degrees.

At this point the Lord of Darkness asked Emz if he could put cups on, which she said yup to. But just as that was about to happen Emz's very helpful worker opened the gates and the cows hadn't been teat sprayed (usually my job, one at which I excel at but I wasn't working that day) and she had to hurry to teat spray them before they headed back to the paddock for more fed AND so I had to put my camera away to help even though I wanted to document the Lord of Darkness's first ever milking experience so there are no photos of me being kicked by the irritated cow.

It didn't hurt as much made me realise that my butt has more padding than it needs.

Actually it kinda of hurts right now.

The Lord of Darkness is teat spraying.

Shiny, happy cows being milked.

Actually they were shiny or happy that day. They were hot and grumpy and easily spooked which might have had something to do with Pippapotamus standing at the exit end of the shed smelling very human. She's so scary!

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