Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rellys for Christmas

Pippapotamus and the Lord of Darkness* arrived very early on the morning of the 24th, very early, so early you just stay up but all worth it.

After a big sleep in while the elves stayed working in the kitchen, Pippapotamus, the Lord of Darkness and I went tiki touring around Canterbury - first to do the most important jobs of picking UP the raspberries, strawberries and peas then on to the Port Hills to look out over Canterbury.

Pippapotamus and the Lord of Darkness, as seen here, took lots of photos - I did too but am such an amateur that I just took random photos and it's all a bit disjointed.

The Lord of Darkness had his first NZ icecream at the Sign of the Kiwi and I had my first in an age but forgot to take photos of that but look! at the Sign of the Kiwi they have found a unique place for mismatched cups. The icecream was welcome since it was about 30 degrees and wonderful. It was a perfect day for ice cream.

We drove on to Lyttleton - around the bays and stopped to eat bagels on the street before walking to see the Port - I'm not totally on to it with the photo taking yet so use your imagination.

We drove through the Lyttleton tunnel so could speak frankly about our secrets as the spy statlites can't 'hear' through the rock the tunnel goes through.

And then I forgot to take my camera into the town when we went to the Cathedral to light candles and enjoy the cool shade of the stone buildings before heading home for Christmas dinner and preparing to head away on Christmas Day.

More about that later....

Hope your Christmas preparations went smoothly and you realised that doing your best is all that is required of you - perfection is over rated.

*His name means the Compassionate Lord of Darkness but we keep it short cause we're Kiwis but it is his real true name :-)

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