Thursday, January 28, 2010

five days of writing hell

I've been spending my days writing lately and as a result my nights need to be writing free but I feel the need to write about not wanting to write - I know this doesn't make sense but while writing this I've realised that I over writing about me.

Seriously new job is four days old and so far I've written four profiles of myself and I'm just not that interesting. My new workmate, who I am really enjoying getting to know, she just laughed and said "You blog, it should be easy". Well it isn't. Because I don't blog about myself, man alive that would be boring as watching a Coronation Street omnibus.

First day it was a little "this is me" blurb to be sent to about 1250 people - really it was. That's quite a few people and I will be meeting these people at exciting events like fencing competitions and field days - actually I like both of those things. Hamiltron people I will see you all at 2010 National Fieldays and no this isn't like last time where I got you free tickets but boy I'm gonna do my best to get me new perths.

Second day it was adding to the little blurb to be sent to boardmembers and regional chairs - bless them they were very kind in return. Love you too fullas.

Third day was filling in a intermediate age level Q&A about what animal I'd want to be for a day (butterfly, cause they come out on sunny days and smell flowers - weak I know but I have no desire what so ever be an animal of any kind) and what I'm afraid of (I was going to say "nothing cause I'm too stupid to be afraid" but that overly revealing) and this will go out tomorrow to the 1250 people who got the original blurb on my first day. They are going to be sick of me big time.

Fourth day was writing a Q&A profile for a magazine that actually sells to real people in real bookshops. This time though I've written my own Q&A and slightly manipulated the whole thing so I come off smart, sassy and marginally rural (my stroke of brilliance question was Perths or Red Bands - for answer see paragraph 3 of this post. Only problem was my intermittent lisp turned up when I asked my new workmates including new boss, all of whom are farmy people and they heard "Purse or Red Bands" and looked at me totally blankly, ok they looked at me like I was a complete idiot. But when I apologised for my lisp they got it and liked the question). Then I'm to be interviewed for a central South Island wide newspaper that I've not heard of. Not overly worried about this one because I can't think of anyone I know in rural central South Island so am I boffered? Except that the interviewer wants masses of background of stuff about things like my family and rural life. I can't tell him that my family lives all over the place, we hardly talk to each other and it works for us and that really my only farming experience is the worm farm I keep in the garage and farmville on facebook. How credible is that????

Fifth day, tomorrow, ah tomorrow I will spend the day finishing writing about my fragmented family and virtual farm experience and then write a "From the manager's desk" paragraph for the fortnightly newsletter that has the intermediate age level profile. May have to change the name of that "From the manager's desk" though, maybe my old stand by of Sara Interrupted???


  1. Ah - it is good to find time to read these ramblings again - oh to have your wit !!!

  2. Oh to write you Mrs L - glad to see you are back on to it!
    P.S. Checking out to see if I can make it a while lot more interesting. I sometimes hate, maybe just dislike strongly, having ethics.