Sunday, January 31, 2010

The importance

of earnestly eating a good nourishing, filling breakfast.

I've always been a breakfast eater. I can't comprehend why someone would ruin their day by not starting off with a full (ish) belly. I do that and by 9am my vision is woozy, my head is thumping and I'm yawning like it's 10 to midnight. I do have to tell you if you catching me yawning, I'm hungry not bored or tired - know thyself, I say.
Seriously I wrote a paper on this for Time outSIDE so the newbies to the dairy industry would realise how easy it is to get going for the day even if it is 4.30am, pitch black and cold. Just a banana kids, that's all you need to get going.

This is what I'm eating right now - mashed omelet.

Sorry the picture is a bit dark, I liked the steam coming off the mashed omelet.

I do try to have an omelet but my non-stick pan is getting a little less non-sticky than I need it to be. It's kind of a mix of what's in my fridge and an egg from the neighbours (not stolen) and full cream. Yes full cream, that way you only need to use about 2 tablespoons and it comes out light and fluffy.

Today there's red and green peppers, red onion, ham and left over potatoes (thanks to Oti for that addition).

I add heaps of salt and am contemplating getting a salt lick for my door for easy access.

This morning for your enjoyment we have a mix of water and cranberry juice. How weird is that I can ingest salt by the tablespoon but can't stomach straight (but already well diluted) cranberry juice.

I better get going to church, I'm dressed but I think I need to change. We've had 5 whole days of warm summer weather and today we are back to a wintery 12 degrees. There is no heat at the chapel. May have to borrow a child to keep warm with.

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