Friday, January 1, 2010

So at Arrowtown

which is like a Disneyland exhibit, very cute and quaint....
and quiet and hot and sunny and shady and a good place for a long evening sitting outside talking This woman came with the motel we stayed at along with the duck called Milly - actually I have no idea what the ducks name is or if it even has a name but I thought Milly suited it.

How kiwi is that lawn outside the motel!

Once we got settled, we took the strange lady into Arrowtown for a stroll and wandered along to visit the Chinese gold miners houses...
I couldn't believe that these guys lived in these shacks panning for gold after coming from the tropics to what would be bone freezing winters and they worked so hard!

It was cool wandering around the settlement and reading about the people who lived there.

Maybe Ah Gum needed to use some gum to hold his wee house together?

This is not a Chinese miners ghost...
This house won the Chinese gold miner's house idol competition..we liked the little wooden window on the left.
Then along the path to Pooh's house.. nah just joking there was no Chinese gold miner called Pooh.

Then back onto the main street of Arrowtown and along the leafy path to the motel for more Christmas lambie sammies

and a big sleep before we, read I cause I wake up early to make the most of the day, the others sleep for ever. I went to Boxing Day breakfast at a wee cafe with great art...

and a walk back to the motel to see if anyone was awake yet... they were.. takig photos of cute Arrowtown houses...

This is my favourite one, very simple and no garden, now that's the perfect holiday house!

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