Monday, January 4, 2010

crazy wind

There are crazy making winds here in Canterbury - Nor'Westers are the main culprits but any kind of northerly wind can drive you nuts but when you are having a string of 30 degree days and the sun is divinely relentless you will be grateful for any wind from the south. Watching the temperature plumet 10 degrees in 5 minutes and the winds clash overhead is amazing but, and theres always a but....

but when the dry dust blows in the windows and cakes itself under bathroom mats and in kitchen corners (I don't want to know about the carpeted areas!) the Southerly winds can stay where they come from.

On the South-East side of the house are utility rooms and they have high up windows that I keep open through the summer to dry out the 'wet' rooms. It can be a little cold in May (my housekeeping works on an annual timetable) when in the bath and the Southerly comes howling through the window - makes me feel as if I reenacting a settler reality show.

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