Friday, February 5, 2010


I don't know if you do this but if I'm mucking around on the internet and find something interesting I bookmark it but then when I go back
I have a Rove What The? minute.

I must have been having New Year resolution moment with this one all about living a designer life. Basically a reasonable article on how to set meaningful goals - actually it makes a lot of sense but it's February so that boat has sailed but for those you still getting ready to make 2010 your designer life here's the bullet points; ok having re-read them forget it, go make your own designer life goals.

The baking soda book - my goodness what was I thinking, well I do know. I would prefer to clean my house vinegar and baking soda but it's just easier to buy nasty chemicals and poison my house. Ah it's just laziness, maybe I should go back to the previous website and set my goal for a designer life.

And then there was this google result - each year at the Lincoln Uni carol service Dan the Gardener (that's his real name and he knows everyone and everything at LU) does a reading from the Kiwi Bible - yes people, the Bible has been translated into an approximation of colloquial Nu Ziland English but it's more Fred Dagg

than Lynn of Tawa

which is a relief. It's quite a strange rendition of the Bible and there is not a beached as bro in it.

Or this Wrangler website that arrived in my inbox which must mean that a particular rodeo that shall remain nameless sold my contact details to their sponsor. Good website though. I guess nobody told them that hardly anyone in rural Wrangler country can see their fabo action pictures due to a lack of broadband in the majority of Nu Zild. We only got broadband six months ago. You should have seen how fast I was across the road when I realised that the cable was being laid - I had to go ask the layers just to check it was for real.

And now I bookmark random pages and forget why I have. Yay for having broadband.

Go the NZ sevens team!

oh and can I just add Farmers is still have it's sale and I highly recommend their $10 singlets for nightwear, especially since summer has arrived with a vengeance.

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