Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cowboy up, cupcake!

So let's talk about fairness.

Yeah, yeah life isn't fair but let's not talk about that kind of fairness.

Ok the kind of fairness I mean is when people whine "it's not fair"
(mainly kids but I bet heaps of adults whine "it's not fair" inside their heads, how self defeating)

Basically when someone comes to you whining "it's not fair" really they are asking for justice, for them, only them. For goodness sake people, there is only justice in court and that's only if the government let's you take it to court*.

When you are the recipient of "it's not fair" you are being asked to seek justice on behalf - sod that, if the whiner wants justice let them go get it themselves.

Speaking of whiners/wieners take a look at this and I bet you'll laugh a lot.
Cowboy up, cupcake!

*See Foreshore and Seabed Act - all Maori wanted was to have their day in court, they weren't going for gold straight up.

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