Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hey oo ma ma ma!

driving to work yesterday was the last time in my solid, reliable Honda CRV.
When I say solid, reliable I did have to get a whole new engine not to long ago but that's one of the mysteries of the universe as to what happened there.
One great thing about my lil' CRV (they are like the tardis for room inside) is that the stereo has held on which is handy because I drive long distances and need, need a good stereo.

I used to have a regularly renewed CD collection, now not so much but one addition (thanks Canadin) was Sugarland. My favourite song? the classic, the singable and excellent....
Life in a Northern Town.... in the original by Dream Academy

I love this video, it's so bleak '80s. I do believe that particular genre is making a come back what with the Recession and all. When you think about the '80s was quite small. I mean we had a smallish recession and a small war and possibly a small ice age from what I remember of the clothes. Speaking of which, I used to dress exactly like these pale English folk except I've never been pale, ever (at this point be grateful I've not scanned any old photos). I lived in long sleeved shirts with a broach at the neck and a big jacket or my case overcoat, all second hand, all from my Pop. Those were the days...

And now here's Sugarland's version, the one I listen to on my way to work, at full volume (remember there are no cars on my way to work, just a couple of small towns), singing my heart out (remember there are no cars on my way to work, just a couple of small towns).

P.S. Hey ma ma ma! That deep voiced Jake Owen touches me. ahem....


  1. I cannot believe it - have a guess which song I was playing on my phone as I drove to work this morning over and over and singing my heart out..... Life in a Northern Town by Dream Academy. Freaky!!!!!

    Now let me go find my sunglasses out of the car for shielding my eyes from this blinding new design you are using. Ouch my retina's are hurting.