Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rangiora Rodeo

Yeeha! A cultural experience was had in Rangiora at the

Yes the Canadin learnt that huhu is Tongan for boobs (not sure if huhu has or is plural) of course knowing that added so much to our bull riding observing.

When Sesi, Candadin and I arrived, a little late, the sun was shining and it was warm as bro.

Sesi wasn't sure/had no idea what bull riding was though Canadin and I had explained with every weapon we had in our arsenal of communication skills - keeping in mind Canadin is/was a primary school teacher. It is really hard to explain cowboys and bull riding.

Sesi was a bit concerned about how close we were (we weren't this close really, much)

She was a bit more concerned when one cowboy got a little hung up on the bull and was dragged around the arena a couple of times before being slammed into the side which knocked him loose, right about where this photo was taken. He got into the top six, so he lived to ride again.

Cowboy up!

These cowboys are chatting not doe see doeing. They are the six finalists, yeeha cowboys!

If they finished their 8 second ride they got $100, I can't remember what the grand prize was but some North Islander won it.

I wasn't hiding in the bushes. We were at the Rangiora Racecourse so it was a very pleasant environment and even better the organisers had girls coming around collecting the rubbish.

As you will be aware in bull riding there are no cows so they created their own cow based event

Yes barrel racing with real, live drunk girls!

This is what happens when the fresh bulls are being loaded into the shoots. Good thing they had been loaded by this time cause those cowboys are not exactly watching the livestock.

The girls lined up dressed, then ran up to the 'barrel' (the cowboy, the privileged judges), ran around the 'barrel' twice while stripping to their bra and kickers and ran back to jump up onto the fence. Filled in time I guess.

By the end of the evening it was a little dark (as you would expect) and the cowboys had ridden their best (not that I can tell really, cause I don't go for the sport aspect though Canadin was very good at explaining the point system that seemed familiar among the useless information in the back of my memory).

Highly recommend 8 Seconds Bull Riding for a good night out and the lovely lady at the merchandise stand whose son was riding invites you to Hanmer Springs at Easter to see another round. Real nice those rodeo people.


  1. That's interesting and looks like fun :)

  2. We're in the next town to Rangiora and I wish we had known about it as I would have loved to have gone. I'd have started a wee doe-see-do for them ;) Thanks fur yer comment on tryin' to use ma original accent fur ma writin. I'm no sure ah cun dae it though, been a long time since i've lived in Scotland. Let me ken how ye think I've done here. Jamie's from the highlands and they've a nicer lilt to their voices than my teuchter accent. I'm on book 5 of the series, it's very addictive! LOL Stef