Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I just love 'em

I do, I just love smarties.

I just love them

because they have no artificial flavours

because they come in lots of colours

because I like sorting them into colour groups and

eating them in size order but always brown first

because I like the sound they make in their box

because I like the little saver spout on the side of the box even though I never use it

and that technically they sponsor NZYF through Nestle as the parent company of Purina Proplan dog food, which is the actual sponsor.

Ooo not sure I like dog food being associated with my precious smarties I have a thing about animal food and really thing about animal food, yuk!
Ok it's all good I just remembered the best ever thing about smarties is that are made of chocolate!
P.S. The reason these are photos of my lap is because I was driving dangerously while taking photos like this one - I think I have to get some talking books

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