Friday, February 19, 2010

Sara interrupted..

will be in Palmerston North.... a blackhole for blogging.... actually I don't know that. Something exciting may happen in the next two days and to be fair Brooklet and I are actually going to Feilding and Masterton today and Palmerston North tomorrow but life gets confusing when you add other towns into the mix.

But we do have GrannyMand's car so maybe, maybe it will be exciting, maybe we will take the interesting way places and maybe we'll push the envelope (I would say limits but I like both kinds of stationa/ery). Maybe I am a boyracer... but I'll take photos. See ya, cheeri bye, ka kite (thats cause I'll be in the North Island).


  1. I love it when I recognise placenames, Feilding, Masterton and Palmerston North are all places I have passed through. Look forward to the photos. Ciao!!!!

  2. Hey, my Hubby's from Palmy Vegas. He always said you never go there unless you know someone or know of something going on. Hope you have fun. Arrivederci!