Monday, February 22, 2010

Stef's husband is right

yep, you should only go to Palmy if you have to and I had to.

Seriously everyone I met there this weekend (and I met lots) were there for a reason and had somewhere to go when done.

But having said that it was a fun couple of days. You'll have to wait for the photos because Brooklet took them and I then left the camera with her.

But a quick run down - first of all please note that Young Farmers are irreverent, mostly cause they don't know any better, also because they don't know any better and because it's what makes them so entertaining, personable and enjoyable.

The flight from Christchurch to Palmy was normal except that I was spitting tacks because I forgot my really fantastic book. Tack spitting was short lived because I had bought a packet of smarties, which I adore because I get to organise them into colours and then eat them in an order based on fewest to most but brown and orange is always eaten first, though you can't do this on a plane of there would be smarties all over the floor.

On leaving Christchurch Brooklet and I were stoked that we were heading towards an even sunnier and hotter day than home was going to have - WRONG. Palmy was overcast and cold. I txted (long discussion at work last week about txt language and we all agreed that text meant the written word as in supplying text to the editor and txt means txt language - just so we are clear) Spud who is the Regional Chairman (I don't hold with the stupid chairperson, girls can be chairmen too) begging him to bring a winter jacket with him when we met in Fielding in an hour or so. Being a farmer, he just scoffed at me.

GrannyMand picked us and we dropped her off and we drover sensibly to Fielding in the NZYF car that goes quite fast and has anti-skid.

Fielding is, umm cute. Brooklet and I had a microburst of shoping. I got my favourite Date, Fig and Olive body lotion and a hot chocolate candle. Then met a few people and headed to NZX to a focus group on the Young Country magazine, which is our NZYF magazine. That was fun hearing people's view of how to improve and what to keep etc plus watch Spud get embarrassed over the suggestion of holding B&S Balls - ahh life is good.

That's as much as I can say without photos so tune into tomorrow....

P.S. The weather got wonderfully hot as the day went on.

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