Tuesday, March 16, 2010

and so it goes...

Not a good start to my road trip up north with a bout of food poisoning which means, I'm sorry to say there are no photos of Levin or Masterton - I'm sure you will survive that deprivation.
So day two was driving from Masterton to Wellington to catch a flight to Hamilton - it just gets better and better doesn't it.

There is something about driving over the Rimutukas
might be the sheer drops and the tight corners

Could be the trucks and crazy people taking photos while they drive
I was already a bit queasy so wasn't too worried about the hairpin, steep corners
But getting to Wellington was good,
finding Wellington at it's absolute best
Caught up with Gavy fleetingly
hearing his stories about his recent trip to Europe for OANZ
he and his organic mates were all purvey over cute Romanian girls on the stand opposite NZ's, one turned out to be 14 and it all got a bit icky after that.

Gross Gavy, you gotta remember you are old now...

Not that old but 14? Geez

Wellington is so spectacular when it's sunny and calm
just about made me cry to leave
but that turned out to be the return of the food poisoning

I was so envious of this woman enjoying (one would assume) her day, making the most of the weather. I bet she felt good after her run and sat in the sun for ages.

I got to the airport and rudely threw my car keys to the Budget staff, but I'm sure they understood.

On to Hamilton to work and see all my friends and the kids...

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