Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Land of the long white cloud

That is a big, fat layer of white cloud, then land and then the blue Tasman Sea. You can see why Aotearoa is the Land of the Long White Cloud.

I used to take this flight every Friday for almost two years, a flight home from Wellington to Hamilton every Friday and one back on Monday mornings with the Women's Day crossword.

Only once in all that time did my flight not go because contrary to common belief Wellington is very often sunny and fine weathered, maybe due to the strong winds that blow the weather through quick smart.

When flying north I always try to sit on the right side of the plane so I can watch Wellington recede into the distance. Looking down on Wellington is awesome especially when you can see your apartment building, that would be my apartment building on Pipitea Street. I love that street name, maybe because it reminds me of my favourite sister.

Then about 15 minutes before Hamilton the plane banks slightly right and I know we are on the home straight

I just liked this photo, I liked the tactile look of the green

So you know you are in the Waikato when you see lots of cows from the window
and the gullys (in the bottom left of the photo) right by the airport

On my first morning while staying at my Dad's I saw the most seasonally
familiar sight there is in Hamilton, hot air balloons.
I always find them eerie, silently drifting in the sky.

And then there was this view, yup I was in the city. With people right there, close by, with their stereos going from 7am, thumping away. With stupid little dogs yapping through the fence by the open sliding door. And the heat! The sticky humid heat.. actually that was great except that a southern summer wardrobe is a little heavy wearing in that northern weather.

But this is why I go home to Hamilton as often as I can
Those scary, distorted Paea kids, you gotta love 'em
And then today, only 17 days into autumn, we had our first snow.
Normally I wouldn't notice snow on the Alps but now I drive towards them every work morning so my snowphobia is going to grow and grow in the next few months, it's gonna be tough but I know you'll be there for me.
Cold though it may be, I will survive.

P.S. I do have to say I think Sam Land is the best ever name for a peace criminal, not that he was convicted of slashing the Waihopai spy dome so he's not a criminal and he has a good, solid peacenik beard now. I wonder if he was growing it while waiting the for the trial?

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